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Hello and Wellcome. I am a writer. I am also a writers' mentor. I have published - in Hebrew - a writer's guide, a gay detective, a collection of short stories, two books of essays and a diary of my first year as a parent - in our all-female family - as well as numerous essays and articles in leading Israeli publications.

My 5th book in Hebrew, Climbing that Mountain - Or How To Write (Achuzat Bayit Books, 2015is a best seller writer's guide and an essay about writing.

I take pride in mentoring writers. I enjoy seeing their writing evolve: become more candid, precise, brave, clear; closer to that which they had imagined in surprising ways. 

My greatest passion is for genres of creative non-fiction – the personal essay, the memoir and the diary – that are yet to flourish in Israeli literature. I also write, and love to read, short stories and novellas. In 2009 I received the Prime Minister Award for Hebrew Writers.

Between 1997 and 2007, I wrote cultural critique at Haaretz Daily. I believe that I am acclaimed mostly for my feminist perspective and a unique critique of Israel’s consumer culture.

I live in Tel Aviv with my partner Michal and our two daughters, Naomi and Yael.

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